Court offline, rather than online.

Delete all dating mobile apps and stop hiding behind your anonymous cool online avatar, instead go and give yourself an experience which will fill you with new learning’s and experiences. Boost your confidence by meeting real people, face to face and enjoy sparkling conversations.

In the day and age of online profiles, swiping, sexting and online courting, we have forgotten the adrenaline rush and excitement of walking over to a person and having a real conversation. It feels intimidating, stressful and simply way too hard.

I know I am guilty of it myself. However I have now trained my resolve to exclusively meet my next partner or companion outside of the Internet.

If your health and safety, does not permit this, by all means go digital.

If you think about it, your mind is clear at the start of every conversation. There is no ambiguity on how the other person interacts, their overall vibe and finally, presentation. You can have a conversation based on your attraction to them, rather than their pixelated view. Get to know the person, their likes and dislikes. I can hope you are not biased, judgmental and give the other person due credit for talking to you.

People can feel very different from behind a screen.

If you progress to talking further or meeting again, by all means use digital communication ways to interact further.

Given, not every interaction will end up in a phone number or a second catch up. But you will go home confident, would have learned from your experience and ready for your next rendezvous.

Give it a try.

No guts! No glory.

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